What is Retrospect Premium?

Retrospect Server Premium for Windows is the best way to protect your Windows server environment. It’s a bundle with our server level Windows editions – Single Server 5 Premium, Single Server Unlimited Premium, and Multi Server Premium – that includes Open File Backup and Dissimilar Hardware along with one year of Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM).

Open File Backup Addon

With the add-on, Retrospect can protect open files on NTFS-formatted volumes on Windows servers, desktops, and laptops. This add-on makes it possible to protect line-of-business applications — such as accounting, CRM, and proprietary database systems — while they’re running, even those with data files spread across multiple volumes. It extends to all Windows systems protected by your Retrospect host server, including end-user desktops and laptops.

Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM)

Provides technical support via email and phone (available in select regions) and all updates and improvements to the purchased product at no additional cost for one year from the date of purchase of the ASM.

With Retrospect Server Premium for Windows, you can guarantee accurate point-in-time backups and perfect restorations, even for a different manufacturer. And all editions of Retrospect include endpoint protection and external Cloud backup, as well as dozens of other features for complete data protection.