Application Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Ensuring a consistent and effective application performance in networks and systems is difficult. When problems arise, to understand why and where they are happening can be even more complicated.

At present, the operations can not predict which will be the next performance problem and where this will happen. The problems may appear in devices of end-users, network and infrastructure or any application layer. IT teams need a capable and flexible solution that can provide visibility into all of these areas, in order to quickly identify and diagnose the cause of the problem for minimizing the time of unavailability application.

The AppResponse appliance, monitors and analyzes the user experience in all types of applications. Automatically summarizes data by applications and defined entities by users such as locations and/or departments.

This appliance can be integrated with Riverbed Performance Management solutions to enable troubleshooting, so there is a wide range of physical and virtual appliances that support the broad spectrum of application environments from implementations in Small and Medium Enterprises to those with global.

Features of Riverbed AppResponse:

  • Monitoring the user experience compared to non-web and web applications
  • Deconstruction of response time (screening and troubleshouting)
  • Citrix troubleshooting
  • Monitoring database transaction
  • Monitoring unified communications
  • Monitoring network traffic
  • High volume packet storage
  • NetFlow collection and reporting
With SteelCentral AppResponse will quickly have visibility if a performance problem is located on the network, servers or components to the application level.