Data leakage prevention software for removable devices

What is Device Control Plus?

Device Control Plus is a comprehensive device control and file access management solution for 17+ types of peripheral devices. Regulate and restrict the entry of peripheral devices, closely monitor file transfer in and out of your network, provide temporary access for authorized users in need, extensive device audits, and instant alerts. Device Control Plus also encompasses features like file access control, file tracing, file shadowing, etc.

With Device Control Plus, you can:

Control, block, and monitor all USB and peripheral devices effortlessly.

Eliminate data loss due to unauthorized data transfers.

Implement file access control to prevent unprivileged access.

Get your work done quickly by granting temporary access to third-party devices when required.

Create a trusted device list, and authorize specific devices to access your computer safely.

Spot and remediate hack attempts with instant alerts and audit reports.