Desktop & Mobile Device Management

Endpoint Central is the cutting-edge solution designed to empower IT Administrators and Network Engineers. Protect and streamline your IT infrastructure with automated patching, asset intelligence, remote troubleshooting, data security, attack surface management, ransomware protection, and more from a single console.

What can the software do?

  • Automated Patching: Automatically applying software updates to enhance security.
  • Threat Detection & Remediation: Identifying and mitigating security threats in real-time.
  • Ransomware Protection: Safeguarding against ransomware attacks through preventive measures.
  • IT Asset Management: Efficiently tracking and managing hardware and software assets.
  • Unauthorized Device Restriction: Controlling network access for enhanced security.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Preventing unauthorized data disclosure and leaks.
  • OS Imaging & Deployment: Streamlining system setup with standardized images.
  • App Management & Deployment: Centralized management of software applications.
  • Endpoint Privilege Management: Controlling access and privileges on endpoints.
  • Advanced Remote Troubleshooting: Using sophisticated tools for remote issue resolution.
  • Configuration Management: Ensuring consistent and secure system configurations.
  • Browser Security: Enhancing web browser security against online threats.
  • Manage software licenses to ensure compliance and detect unauthorized software usage
  • Provides detailed reports on infrastructure components for analysis or auditing