IP Address Management (IPAM)

The role of a Network Administrator is to manage all the network resources efficiently. They have to keep an eye on these IT resources constantly and troubleshoot any problems that may occur quickly. While it is possible to achieve this with several tools available in the market, an integrated solution is the need of the hour when it comes to troubleshooting and correlating data between several tools.

OpUtils with its integrated set of network monitoring tools helps engineers efficiently monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot IT resources. It is a Web-based, cross-platform tool, which runs on Windows and Linux. It includes tools for Network Diagnostics, Address Monitoring, Network Monitoring, SNMP Monitoring, Server Monitoring, and Cisco Monitoring.

OpUtils mainly covers the following functionalities:

  • To check the IP Availability using ICMP and to resolve the DNS name of the IP.
  • To get the device details using SNMP and to get the device type and hardware details of Windows machines using WMI.
  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues in a LAN environment.
  • Monitoring the performance, bandwidth and traffic statistics of routers, switches and other networking resources.
  • Providing information on IP Addresses, MAC Addresses and DNS names.
  • Tracking Desktop information such as system configuration, resource usage and software listing.
  • Monitoring Cisco devices and maintaining the devices in good condition
  • Browsing MIB’s and viewing configured Traps.